Age Spots

Age Spots Removal

They’re among the most prevalent of skincare worries. Perhaps you’ve been told, dismissively, “Oh, age spots are inevitable as you get older. There’s nothing you can do about it.” Maybe you’ve even heard them referred to as “liver spots.” But don’t believe it.

For one thing, those hyper-pigmented blotches of skin are not related to liver conditions. The primary cause of age spots is, in fact, exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays over time.  That’s one of the reasons that we most commonly see age spots on the face, hands, arms, and shoulders.

For another thing, age spots are not inevitable. While no one can stop time from passing, we can and should adapt our dermatological care to the changing needs of our skin. Most important of all, you can do something about those dark spots. Age spot treatment—even age spot removal—is not only possible; it’s also among the safest and most effective ways to rejuvenate your complexion.

At Above Lasers, Dr. Kerry Evnin has been recognized as one of California’s best medical practitioners of laser and cosmetic treatment. Drawing on his 27 years as a highly credentialed physician, Dr. Evnin has improved the healthy and youthful appearance of thousands of clients. He uses the latest in medical technology to perform age spot removal and treatment.

Depending on the assessment, this may include the use of Fraxel laser. This is an FDA-approved, non-invasive laser skin treatment that can remove years from your appearance. Dr. Evnin is an expert in this medical technique, which offers significant advantages over other procedures.

Indeed, the treatment options that Above Lasers offers for age spots are more affordable and less time-consuming than you may expect. If you have been living with a skin condition that you wish you could change, please call us. Along with a skin dermatologist who offers nearly three decades of skincare expertise, we offer you a friendly and considerate staff. To learn more, please explore our website and schedule your visit today.