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What is the AFA Facial Clay-Peel?

afaClayPeelThe AFA Facial Clay-Peel System is the newest and most revolutionary treatment in skin care. It is remarkably effective. The AFA Facial Clay-Peel System is an advanced, 2-step, non-surgical, in-office peel for the face. The AFA Facial Clay-Peel System promotes cell turnover by exfoliating the skin and removing dead or damaged skin cells. The AFA Facial Clay-Peel System will create smoother, softer, and younger-looking skin after the very first visit. Unlike other older technology peels, the AFA Clay-Peel requires no recovery time. A series of 4-6 treatments combined with a daily at-home care program is recommended for optimal results.

What is Amino Acid Skin Care?

AFA Amino Acid Skin Care is a simple and effective skin care program that produces noticeable improvement in the tone, texture and overall appearance of the skin. The result is an advanced dermal rejuvenation system designed to provide you with radiant, younger looking skin.

afa_graphicThe Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) is the skin’s natural hydration system. Amino Acids from a significant portion of the NMF of the skin and enhance the skin’s natural hydration abilities.

AFA is based on amino acids that are part of kin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF). AFA stands for Acidified Filaggrin-based Amino Acids. These amino acids are derived from the protein filaggrin, a protein found in the lower layers of the skin. This protein aids in skin cell structure and alignment. AFA penetrates the skin and breaks the bonds that hold the dead skin cells together.

AFA, with patented Acidified Amino Acids, are loaded with benefits:

They are antioxidants, they are exfoliants, they help retain moisture in your skin, and they do it all with little or no irritation.

AFA is a simple and effective skin rejuvenation program. AFA Skin Care is divided into Professional and Daily Rejuvenation regimens. The integration of Professional and Daily regimens facilitates a global skin care strategy that extend s from the physician’s office to your home – allowing you to realize the immediate and sustainable benefits of Acidified Amino Acid.

What does the 2-step AFA Clay-Peel do?

As we age, our skin ages and accumulates exposure to the damaging rays of the sun. Skin texture becomes coarse, fine lines begin to show, and pigmentation irregularities (age spots) begin to appear. A series of AFA Clay-Peels can help combat these signs. The results are dramatic. Skin texture feels softer, smoother and tighter after the first treatment. The recommended full series of treatments improves the appearance of fine lines. Irregular pigmentation significantly improves over time and the appearance of enlarged pores is refined. Using the AFA at-home care program between treatments will help these improvements occur more rapidly, as well as help maintain the results after the series of treatments.

What can you expect from the AFA Clay-Peel?

Your medical professional will administer the treatment to achieve the best results. First, your face is cleansed and dried. Then, Step One: The AFA Clay Mask is applied in a thin coat and left on for approximately 5 minutes. The Mask is gently removed with water. Step Two: The AFA Peel is applied in a thin, even layer on the face and left on for 1-2 minutes. The Peel is then rinsed from the skin and appropriate after care is supplied by your medical professional.

For optimum results, ask your skin care professional about using AFA Exfoliating Gels and a daily at-home program between treatments.

What is a good candidate for the AFA Clay-Peel?

Any woman or man who is concerned about appearance will benefit from the AFA Clay-Peel. People with uneven pigmentation, fine lines, or sun-damaged skin do particularly well. Your physician’s office can help you decide if the Clay-Peel and the daily AFA at-home skin care program is right for you.