Hair Reduction

Sciton® BBL Hair Reduction

Today we can easily eliminate your unwanted hair and give you a smooth, beautiful appearance.

Our Sciton® BBL system employs advanced technology that eliminates your hair in a short time with maximum comfort. We treat nearly all skin types.

Science of Hair Reduction

Permanent hair reduction requires at least 5 or more treatments. Your skin has about 85% of its available hairs present visibly when a treatment is needed. These hairs are in an active growth phase called anagen phase. You also have 15% of hairs in a resting state called telogen phase. After a couple of months or more depending on the site that is to be treated these dormant telogen hairs transform eventually to an anagen hair, which is what you visibly see on your body. With each subsequent treatment more anagen hair follicles are destroyed.

No matter what type of hair reduction device is used your body will over time regenerate new hair follicles which will require additional hair reduction treatments. Usually 1 to 2 yearly maintenance treatments may be necessary depending upon individual hair follicle regeneration.

BBL hair reduction is a very safe and nearly painless procedure which is associated with no significant down time. Your skin is cooled during the procedure and the device delivers precise energy to destroy the hair follicles.